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The Domaine Jean-Charles Girard-Madoux in Chignin – Savoy

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The Girard-Madoux family has long been the owner of a vineyard in Chignin chef lieu, in the south-east of Chambéry, France. The domaine was sold in 1976.
The vineyards left the family for a few decades only, until Jean-Charles Girard-Madoux undertook a training program for winegrower.
His studies in Beaune (France) and his traineeship in the vineyard of Patrice Rion in Burgundy, revealed his passion for wine and vineyard work.

As from 2006, one month after completing a vocational training certificate (BTS) in viticulture and oenology, Jean-Charles Girard-Madoux purchased the vineyards to recreate the family wine domaine. At the time, it consisted of 2.5 hectares of vines planted by his grandparents.
Since then, the domaine has expanded to 6.5 hectares, with different grape varieties such as: Jacquère, Mondeuse, Roussanne and Gamay.


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The vineyard is situated on a south-west facing limestone and clay hillside, at the foot of the Savoyarde.
The stony soil makes it a terroir of predilection for our white and red wines.

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Vines are stripped by hand and a green harvesting is done to maximize the maturity of grapes.
All vineyard work (pruning, debudding and trellising,…) is done by hand.
Only tillage is done mechanically through screefing, in particular to provide greater soil aeration.


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The harvest is manual, with small crates to avoid damaging the grapes.

A selective sorting is undertaken at the vine.

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[ca_service type=”video” position=”left” min_height=”480px” background=”1981″ video_title=”The Domaine” video_mp4=”https://vimeo.com/192903417″][ca_heading_title header_type=”small_large_title” border_bottom=”no” text_align=”left” header_style=”dark” large_title=”The Domaine”]Discover our Domaine in video, located in Chignin, on the family vines that had been lost two generations ago. Jean-Charles, a very passionate producer, in the heart of Savoy.

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The Domaine Jean-Charles GIRARD-MADOUX (Chignin Chef Lieu, 73800) offers, in collaboration with the company Agro-Alp, temporary catering formulas. Meals are served in the vineyards during Summer, and at the cellar during winter.  Advance booking required (48h before)

Informations / réservations
Jean-Charles +33 (0)6 19 50 43 35/jcgirardmadoux@hotmail.fr
Pierre +33 (0)6 67 .02 63 53/pierre@laraclette-fpyc.com

Discover our formula “In the Vineyards” in the video below!

[ca_service type=”video” position=”left” min_height=”480px” background=”1726″ video_title=”In the Vineyards” video_mp4=”https://vimeo.com/70870235″][ca_heading_title header_type=”small_large_title” border_bottom=”no” text_align=”left” header_style=”dark” small_title=”FROM JUNE TO SEPTEMBER” large_title=”In the Vineyards”]Imagine a “sartot” (typically Savoyard: it is a small house located in the vineyards, replacing the main house that was usually several kilometers apart…) perched on the heights of the vineyard of Chignin, under the shade of a cherry tree. Imagine a stunning view on the Mont Granier, on the chain of Belledonnes still covered in snow, and a plunging view over the Grésivaudan valley. Imagine the stillness and beauty of vineyards in the middle of Summer.
Imagine enjoying an aperitif, wood fire grills, a cheese platter of our best aged-cheeses, a coffee in the sun, with this stunning view … That’s it, there you are, you are “In the vineyards” …[/ca_service]
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